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About Blueprint


At BluePrint, we focus on our clients' most critical challenges and opportunities across a wide range of industries in the Gulf region. With decades of experience, we bring deep expertise, utilize best industry practices, and deliver smart customized solutions to capture value across boundaries.

Our awarded and certified team provides you with a comprehensive suite of services across two segments: Management and Environment. We offer an unrivaled spread of services to help you achieve your goals across the business cycle.

BluePrint is the correct address to make change work for you, bring your full potential to the forefront and create the value your business is looking for.




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Your gateway to drive your business forward and bring your full potential to the forefront



Maximize your enterprise value while creating a better world for future generations


BluePrint has multilateral expertise in accomplishing challenging business and sustainability projects in key industries. Check some of our key projects that we have worked on with various clients.

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Key Projects
Our Team



Nissreen Albakri
Managing Director

Nissreen is the co-founder and Managing Director of BluePrint Consulting where she oversees the entire operation, from client development, and relationship management to project delivery. Nissreen is a financial professional with vast years of experience in Asset Management, Investment, and Business Advisory. She served as a Senior Portfolio Manager and a Board Member Representative. She worked as an Asset and Investment Manager where she managed a portfolio of more than SAR 8 Billion.

Nissreen was an Action Council Member in “Women Empowerment” and “Taskforce in Trade and Investment” at B20, the official G20 dialogue forum with the global business community. She holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and MSc in Strategic Financial Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Abdullah Bogari

Sustainable Development Advisor

Abdullah is the co-founder and the sustainable development advisor of BluePrint Consulting, where he provides a wide range of solutions in the fields of Management and Environment. He was the Head of Innovation and Business Development at AlSafwa Cement Company where he led the Global Strategy & Business Development, Marketing, and Innovation activities for a 4 billion SAR investment. He is certified in Sustainability Leadership and Corporate Responsibility.

Abdullah is an expert in environmental compliance and a frequent speaker and panelist on environmental and green energy topics. He won the Gold Award at the Gulf Sustainability Awards. He holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering from The Manchester Metropolitan University and an MSc in Environment & Sustainable Technology, from the University of Manchester.

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Ali Ben Miled

Senior Financial and Legal Advisor


Ali Ben Miled is an international Financial executive and legal advisor with more than 45 years of vast international experience in the Gulf, Europe, and the Mena Region.

With a dual qualification in Finance and law, Ali has extensive and various experience ranging from Financial management, ERP, Internal controls, Risk assessment, Developing Risk management, and mitigation processes. Investments, Evaluation and Appraisal of Private Equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, debt restructuring, IPO, Forensic Audit and fraud investigation, Compliance Audit, Advisory and assistance in international business contract formation, negotiation, and management, accompanying clients in litigation and Arbitration process.

He holds a Bachelor in Business from HEC business school, a Master's degree in Finance, and a Master's in International Business law. Ali is a licensed, certified public Accountant from the State  Board of OHIO  and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is fluent in three languages (Arabic, French, and English).

Jean-Marc Vandekerkhove

Sustainability Consultant

Dr. Jean-Marc, is a Sustainability Consultant providing waste management advisory with more than 35 years of experience in the field of waste management and environmental protection in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Mr. Jean Marc holds a doctoral degree in Environmental Science.

Jean-Marc served as President of WASCO, a Saudi company dedicated to waste recovery, he also served as CEO of CLEEF SYSTEM, a Cleantech dedicated to the development of innovative technology for sludge processing. He also served in various positions at Sita, a subsidiary of SUEZ, as the General Manager for SITA Ile de France and as a Business Development Director for SITA Japan.

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Knowledge Hub




Gulf Summit.png

Gulf Sustainability Awards 2021


Gold award winner of this award that attracts environmentally friendly businesses from across the region.


B20 Saudi Arabia

The Business Twenty (B20) is the voice of the private sector to the G20 and represents the global business community across all G20 member states and all economic sectors.

Promising Opportunities.png

Clean Energy and Promising Opportunities Forum

The forum aims to produce Continuous Reliable Clean & Safe Electric Energy utilizing the best available fuels to protect the environment and public health.



Engineering Partner

Emcan Consultants & Engineers

Emcan is a leading Saudi engineering & consulting firm. Emcan delivers smart, sustainable, and practical solutions that empower the clients, exceed their expectations, and enrich our communities. Emcan strives to excel through reliability, sincerity, and quality.


Emcan offers its clients comprehensive services and draws on its 10+ years of experience to provide all the engineering and design services required to implement projects in its business areas.


Emcan competently manages all engineering works and specialist disciplines needed for a project.

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Sustainability Partner

Scientific Business Solutions (SBS)

SBS is a consulting firm fully acquainted with national, regional, and international environmental laws, regulations, and guidelines to conserve and develop the environment and its natural resources. SBS provides technical assistance and consultation for a broad spectrum of clients, from individuals to companies to Government Ministries throughout the MENA region. SBS offers high-quality, tailored environmental services and has the ability to create out-of-the-box solutions and new initiatives in multiple fields.

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End-to-End Support

We develop practical and innovative solutions integrated with End-to-End management processes that strengthen your company’s sustainable performance.

Global Exposure

Together with our international solution partners, we bring you innovative working models aligned with global frameworks, standards, and guidelines.

Certified & Awarded

Our experts are certified by government entities and have a proven track record of successful outcomes recognized by leading regional associations.

Geographic Expertise

Our geographic expertise in the Gulf allows us to localize the global know-how in the industry to adapt to the local environment in terms of language, systems, and culture

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