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Envirnment Beginning

Sustainable Development

The economy in the Gulf region has entered a new phase where institutions and corporations are being integrated into the circular economy paradigm. The BPS team has immense experience in circular economy frameworks, system solutions, and action plans. Our team can help you integrate sustainability and circular carbon economy practices when developing and initiating new projects by following up with you every step of the way, from evaluating new opportunities to assessing new technologies to developing the business model to finding the right technical partners.

Sustainbl Development


Our Environmental, Social and Governance services help you answer a central question, how should my business interact with society and the environment?

For both operating companies and investment managers, integrating ESG management practices within their business has become business-critical and central to their long-term commercial success. Our BP team has deep expertise in providing guidance and assistance on the entire ESG value chain and developing end-to-end ESG management and integration. We design suitable ESG strategies and frameworks and provide you with practical tools to help you develop, implement, and maintain your own ESG management program. We apply rigorous assessments on your company to identify and analyze multiple ESG indicators and performance targets such as critical requirements, industry-specific challenges, stakeholder preferences,  sustainability performance, carbon footprint, etc. As a result, our ESG management frameworks provide you with a sustainable competitive advantage that maximizes your enterprise value and helps with your investment-related activities.


Performance assessment, green energy, air quality management, waste management solutions, alternative fuel & alternative raw materials, emission control solutions, carbon footprint, training & certification.

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Regulatory & Compliance

Now more than ever, companies need to make decisions that will ensure environmental compliance in the present and into the future.

We work side-by-side with our clients to address the environmental challenges they face, assist them in getting environmental clearances, and protect them from noncompliance penalties that would result in legal action or fines. BP certified experts have an extensive understanding of regulatory requirements and the scientific and technical knowledge to conduct thorough compliance assessments or audits and prepare comprehensive recommendations for companies from multiple industries. We carry out both field and desk-based research, identify any environmental issues; and develop sustainable, practical, and ethical solutions to help preserve health and safety and assist clients in managing government laws and regulations. Our expertise allows us to provide multidisciplinary environmental services for various sectors, including Construction, Real Estate, Mining, Ecological, Cement.

We provide the following compliance assessments and audits:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environment management system (EMS)

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Compliance Action Plan (CAP)

Environmental Mitigation Control Plan

Environmental Aspects Analysis Report

Environmental Baseline Survey

Environmental Monitoring Plan

Emergency and safety planning

Environmental Auditing

Pre Audit of IFC

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